Monday, December 14, 2015

Tis The Season

Tis the season to season, I just finish seasoning two birds wid Eclipse biscuit stuffing and put dem in de oven, de madam season de fruit fuh de great cake, months now, friends like Mike Thornton seasoning de rum punch, he seasoning de punche crème too I am sure, tis truly de season and dis Sunday coming December 13 de season of Christmas will truly be seasoned with Carols By Candlelight at Ilaro Court, home of de Rt Hon Prime Minister of Barbados Fruendel Stuart. Bring de family,bring blankets and wine and be prepared to start to season the season,$35 for an adult and two children and bring a wrapped gift for a girl or boy cause it’s the season.
Tis also de season for a lot of foolish talk, poor Jack Warner, yes I did say poor Jack, Jack got bout five attorneys including Senior Council fighting his extradition to the U.S. and Jack is worried, rightly so, for the wrong reason, Jack worried that after he is proven innocent and is allowed to remain in Trinidad and Tobago, he will be broke! Jack Warner broke, is that even possible, does Jack know the meaning of the word broke? Jacko I feeling yuh pain, try reducing de headcount of lawyers and yuh might find yuh still have some money left when you is a free man.
Then another funny guy Donald Trump, I ask you people and answer muh honestly, if Barack Obama in his run for President of the USA back in 08 had done the kinds of things Trump has done would he have been allowed to stay in de race for President or run out of town?
If Barack had publicly mocked a disabled reporter, a white one in particular would he be in the race and be up in the polls the next week?
If he had called Mexicans by all sorts of derogatory names would he be in de race weeks later and growing in popularity?
If he did call fuh a particular ethnic or religious group to be targeted and to carry identification cards yuh tink he cud have survived?
I put it to wunnah that Barack Obama would have long been pun de scrapheap of American politics, yet Trump roaring in the polls among Republican voters, what does dat tell wunnah? It tell me dat there are different rules fuh a black president than fuh a white candidate fuh de white house.
The Obama lead government continues to grow de American economy, last month jobs increased yet again, this time by over 200,000, yes two hundred thousand! Tis the season folks, cut this classy president some slack and give praise where praise is due.
In Bubbadus, something is happening in tourism, everywhere yuh look, yuh seeing visitors and de season ain’t even start yet. But two things from las week bother de Vendor, I had family from de U.K. who left Sunday, getting checked in fuh a flight to Birmingham was pure torture, two hours in a line, down in de Cul De Sac side of the airport check-in, people hot and sweating,not even de big overhead fans wukking, we got to do better than that, dat is not de last impression we want fuh people leaving bout here. Worse was to come, another visitor from de U.K. first timer, came out of de airport,heard someone say “taxi” and responded, next thing yuh know a non airport taxi was taking her to we home, having quoted $30 for de trip. Pun arrival at my place de unscrupulous operator then sought to say he meant $30 U.S and when the lady reminded him that he had said $30 Bds, he went ballistic on her.She paid $40 Bds but de man unleashed de foulest words and abuse on the visitor, while I wasn’t present other family members were and dem did shocked by his conduct and abuse. And in case yuh ask, I did report the conduct to the authorities.
Verily I say it may be de season but people like that should not be licenced to drive or interact with visitors, in one swoop he did significant damage to de Bubbadus product and image.

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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