Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Big Snow Job!

Last weekend a big “noreaster” as the Americans does call it, touch down along de eastern seaboard of Amurca and shut down de capital and New York as well, as much as 26 inches of snow falling pun New York.
A special nephew of mine come and surprise me wid a visit de day before Errol Barrow day, I didn’t have clue till he and he wife walk in de bedroom and nearly give me a heart attack, easily one of de best surprises in my life!
Saturday dem get de bad news dat all flights cancelled and as dem come pun Delta, de next available flight is Wednesday, clearly distressed dat dem got to be stranded in Bubbadus, they set off fuh Accra beach to soothe de depression in as many Mount Gay libations as possible and lie baking in de sun while weeping at not being at home to shovel snow!I feel de pain.I gine have to ocme up with some distractions to ease de depression, lunch Animal Flower cave, Dinner at Primo, Champers and Shakers,more beach and brews from Banks and blends from Mount Gay!
I had another big and pleasant surprise at a party pun de 2nd of de month but dat is another story fuh another time, de year start great, so far so good!
Friday night I went to dinner at Naru and meet de four young heroes who went to de rescue of a visitor and her daughter who were being assaulted and robbed earlier in de week. These young men ran after de attacker chasing he some distance before apprehending and holding he till de police come, justice in dis case was swift, 30 months in Dodds. I congratulate de young men, so often we does see things happening, know it wrong but still say “I minding my own business!”
What was also amazing to de Vendor was to learn dat a day after this heroic effort by dese four young Bajan men, dem get individual letters from de Prime Minister congratulating dem on rescuing de visitors, oh de letter was from de Prime Minister of St.Vincent and de Grenadines Comrade Ralph Gonsalves, I guess he gine always be welcome at Naru restaurant!
Back to de storm, I know dat somehow Fox News gine find a way to blame Barack Obama fuh dis snow storm and fuh letting it cause pain and death to people in Amurca, it is he fault, just like when he did crying pun tv recently bout de pain of mass shootings in Amurca, Fox say he had an onion pun de podium to mek de tears come from he eyes, seriously!
Meanwhile I know dat Donald Trump gine have a solution to dis problem if elected president of de USA, President Reagon went to Germany and declared (to then Russian President) Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall(de Berlin Wall) Trump however gine build TWO walls, one to stop Mexicans coming over de border and another along de east coast to protect American from future snow storms.
Speaking bout Trump, yuh see he get endorse by Sarah Palin? Cuddear, Trump and Palin, as a Trini friend say “Market, Trump and Palin is just Dumb and Dumber!”
Sarah Palin is also accusing Barack Obama of somehow being responsible fuh she son’s problems, Barack, next time try and be a better father please!
Lastly de most amazing story of de year, I hear and see dis wid me own two eyes and ears pun Sky News, a man in de UK, CLEARED of a rape charge has been ordered to notify the police, 24 hours in advance of any PLANNED INTENTION TO HAVE SEX or risk 5 years in jail! This is not a joke, this is a real story! He must provide de police with the name, date of birth and address of de female he proposes to have sex with!
Yuh got to love de British, strange people sometimes!
Policing dat order should mek fuh interesting reading in de policeman’s notebook and will de police interview each willing subject, will they be present during de event or simply confirm dat it did in fact take place?
Imagine Sky had some important people including a Professor at a university discussing dis subject pun prime time tv, de world gone mad, but
I Market vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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