Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

After more than 25 years of doing my Market Vendor pun de Starcom stations, I DWD, done wid dat, I thank de good folks there fuh letting me be a part of de Riverside fuh all dem years and fuh all who miss de show, hopefully absence gine mek de heart grow stronger, we coming soon to a frequency near you, we promise it gine be a Capital experience, wid a Capital C, so stay tuned! A lil hint, a new email address coming soon wid de following “” look fuh de website and other things soon coming! December 31st was a good point to mek a clean break wid de past, thanks my people fuh de many memories and good times, respect.
A new year is a good time to mek a fresh start, starting today, leh we begin to deal not wid de problems but de solutions, cause iffing we don’t find solutions de problems gine get worse wid time.
Mr Police Commissioner, time to deal wid de jackasses doing wheelies pun motorcycles and scaring de crap outa we, imagine I inside Miss Debbie north showroom pun de 2nd day of de new year, salivating at de new Mercedes Benz cars and look up to see a brain dead fool pun a four wheel all terrain bike, no helmet and a female pun de back, also no helmet, jackass coming down de highway pun two wheels, de girl pun de back bout 6 inches off de ground, open dem pearly gates Lord, two idiots want to make an early entry!
Dis crap got to stop, think outside de box Mr Commissioner, cause dese fools endangering de lives of innocent people.
Can somebody explain how on new year’s day, we got 13000 visitors walking bout Bridgetown and all shops closed? Wha happen to “Tourism is we business let’s play our part?” Suggestion, offer de stores incentives to open, a no VAT, no Tax day and fuh de staff  two off days in lieu of wukking pun de bank holiday, wha sense it mek fuh de cruise ships to be in port, foreign exchange to be had but nobody want it?
Water woes all bout de place, rainfall low, de reservoirs low, we need solutions fast, how about offering incentives and low or no interest loans to anybody who install tanks pun dem houses in all de areas where people got water problems, BWA cannot solve dese problems overnight but iffing yuh got a tank then yuh could fill up from a tanker and have a back up plan. A Bajan friend in Grenada, (I sure Harry Gibson don’t mind me calling he name) live in de mountains, no water mains up there but he does collect every drop of rain, store in tanks and when dat run out a tanker does come and fill up, no water bills neither! Solutions people, stop waiting pun government fuh de answers to everything, de Lord does help dem dat help themselves.
People bawling bout de new 22.5 per cent tax pun de cell phone bills, again people wunnah got de solution in wunnah hands, literally, two simple things, stop talking so much pun de damn phones, use a land line when yuh get home and use some of de free WiFi all over de place wherever possible, manage it, again de solution is in we hands but as usual we want somebody else to solve de problem fuh we!
Um is a new year, stop de whining and start winning and dat goes fuh West Indies cricketers, I may be stretching it by calling dem cricketers but de word I prefer would not get past Ridley Greene at Barbados Today.

I market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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