Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love Is In The Air

Chris Gayle, de enigmatic and explosive west Indian cricketer mek headlines all over de world dis past week after he flirted with a very attractive female interviewer at de Big Bash T20 Cricket Tournament in Australia.
He issued a sort of apology, get fined 10,000 Australian dollars and there is talk dat he not gine get invite back next year to de tournament. De discussions dat followed I divide into two camps, everybody agree he do foolishness, some feel however that it getting overplayed and exaggerated while others feel dat it was sexual harassment and he should feel de full weight of punishment and dat it is indicative of male inappropriate behavior, since then Market Vendor getting ask left and right, how you feel bout dis, Market?
I gine use a few examples and wunnah can work out my views pun de matter. Man from de beginning was attracted to de opposite sex, well most men, not all, and de more attractive, de more de desire, ah lie fellas? And when yuh popular like Chris or Usain or Lara somehow some fine looking ladies does seem to be always in tow! It appears too dat a fella like Chris has not had to work too hard to attract de honey bees and so assuming dat as a King Bee he could get whoever he wanted whenever he wanted, Chris decided he gine launch an attack in a public forum before millions of television viewers, he is either a very confident man or a jackass!
There is fine line between asking a lady out and sexual harassment Chris, and a fella like you need to know de difference. Once upon a time a very close associate of mine was M.C. at a big show and a certain lady had promised to introduce he to she nice looking niece from over in away who she promise to bring to de show. As promised, she bring de young lady and my friend assumed auntie had said some good things to de young lady in advance but when he meet she outside de venue prior to de start of de show he was cautious and just engaged in casual conversation(though she did tell he sometime later dat she thought he was not going to let go of she hand). She also thought he was one of de ushers and wondered later when de man come pun de stage, wait what de usher doing pun de people stage? When yuh start wid low expectations it does leave plenty room fuh improvement!
At de after party a certain gentleman was like an octopus, he was all over de lady and my friend waited fuh awhile before offering the lady a drink and engaging in one on one conversation, at de appropriate time, sensing dat as de fellas would say he was getting traction he suggested leaving de party and advised she auntie that he would bring she home later. And so started a relationship that blossomed into romance that lasted years and could and should have ended in marriage.
Chris, please note dat yuh have to survey de landscape carefully and before making a move yuh must be fairly sure bout de outcome. If yuh not sure bout de outcome, yuh must at least have a back door exit so dat if de play fail yuh could exit gracefully but under no circumstances should yuh block all de exits and them mek a move.
Chris dis not survey de landscape and he underestimated de bowler and consequently all de stumps get lick away, “how’s dat Umpire?” Umpire raise de finger and de batsman is out! Chris, my experience is dat de proposal should never ever be done in public, dis way yuh gine avoid public humiliation if things don’t go according to plan and in your case yuh would be $10,000 Australian richer! To Chris I give de Jackass of January award!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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