Sunday, March 6, 2016

Enough Is Enough

As de presumptive Republican party nominee fuh de U.S. Presidential race, Donald Trump is not exactly a unifying force nor de darling of de party maguffies, all now dem scratching duh heads trying to work out, how to stop dis man from leading them into de abyss!
I gine left those matters to de people who got to deal wid dem, my voice ain’t relevant but I want to do what de media don’t seem to be doing, discuss dis wall thing.
Now as I understand it de wall gine be bout 900 miles long and was to cost $8 billion to build but revised estimates from de genius called Trump now indicate it gine cost $10 billion, and dis is before a bucket of Rock Hard cement from Mark Maloney gone into de ground!
He beginning to look like a regular politician, inflation hitting he projects before dem start, I guess yuh got to allow fuh de steal, sorry ah meant steel in de wall!
And who gine pay fuh de wall, Trump say he gine mek de Mexicans pay fuh de wall but dem telling  he clearly, “no Senor….tu madre” something  like dat, so from de get go de man cannot explain how he gine get de Mexicans to pay fuh de wall, he gine bomb dem? Invade and capture a million Mexicanos to build de wall under de watchful eye of NRA gunmen?
Best estimates is dat de China wall section built by de Ming Dynasty tek at least 20 years to build, assuming Mr Trump win nomination and  presidency he got 8 years, he gine have an unfinished wall by de time he done!
And as we know many people get kill building de China Wall, one estimate say as much as 11 Million people. De whole wall apparently get build over a period covering 20 dynasties by slaves, soldiers, criminals, young men and soldiers, sound like de same people who gine build Mr Trump Great Wall!
 He could use de same illegal Mexicans he planning to send back to Mexico, 11 million, free up de U.S. jails of criminals,(though according to Trump, dem might be de same people he planning to send back to Mexico cause he say dem is rapists and murderers and drug dealers!) So Mr Trump look like he gine got a labour shortage pun he hands and since at best he could get 8 years in de White House who gine finish de job fuh Trumpie when he left office? Dis thing so foolish I can’t believe de media giving de man a free pass pun dese details.
And anybody stop to think bout de fact dat many illegals does enter through tunnels rather than above ground? Or that it tek nearly 2500 years overall to build de great wall? Mind you Market Vendor know dat no wall gine ever get build cause there is no way a U.S. president could threaten Mexico into paying $10B fuh a wall unless it is to protect dem from allowing de likes of Donald Trump from entering Mexico.
It is utterly amazing de foolishness dis man does talk and not get called out pun!
And while we pun de wall, exactly how he gine deport 11 million Mexicans from de USA, he gine round dem up like cattle and herd dem into bull pens fuh deportation? Drive dem to de border and loose them into Mexico? Fill a few hundred wide bodied planes, land in Mexico and put dem off at de barrel of a NRA gun? Who gine catch dem? All night long yuh gine got roundups?
America wake and stop accepting dis rubbish, wunnah is too smart a people to be falling fuh dis drivel, time fuh some serious debate bout de state of de country.
Trump say he gine mek wunnah great again, America never stopped being great but wunnah was living above wunnah means, living pun borrowed money, second and third mortgages, credit cards, out sourcing jobs, getting lazy, so wunnah problems ain’t got nothing to do wid Barack Obama, he is de one who stop de rot and rebuilding dis great nation, time to stop de jackass from braying!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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