Sunday, April 24, 2016

Talk Vs Action

In days gone by I use to listen to de talk shows and use to marvel at de knowledge and expertise dat abound in dem shows, daily I use to be amazed at how de simple people could solve any major problem here or elsewhere simply by calling de radio station and telling gorriliphants like Ellis,Wickham and Johnson de answers to everything from unemployment ( close down government run institutions and sell off de companies) to national debt( stop taxing we and stop de thiefing) tourism growth ( let Bizzy and COW build three or four new islands off de west coast) to abuse and rape( cut off dem balls) human trafficking( close down de naked entertainment clubs) to illegal immigration( roundup Guyanese in de middle of de night and send dem packing back to GT)!
It don’t matter de topic, dem got de solution but you and I know dat talk is easy,action is something else and it does tek more than talk to get to action and results.
We Bajans like dat, we got advise fuh every situation, de woman horn yuh, well, give she some of she own medicine, horn she too but horn she wid she sister! Next thing yuh hear de woman left muh and she sister don’t want me, advice? Listen man time to move on, put dat behind yuh and start over,she did wufless anyhow, good fuh nothing, forget bout she boy,dat is a blessing in disguise!
But let de same advisor get a horn and before yuh know it her like Ninja man walking bout Bridgetown like a homeless man singing King Bubba song “all is rum rum rum!” and a few days later somebody trying to talk he out of jumping off de Swing Bridge and he singing “de woman let me she gone and left me,oh lord, de woman left me,she gone and left me, oh lord!”
Yuh car brek down pun de road and bout 10 people gine come to yuh rescue, “open de bonnet and let me have a look” and de man inside there pulling and tugging like he know wha he doing,”skipper” yuh say, “you is a mechanic,” reply “not really I just trying to help yuh out!” another fella suggest “yuh sure yuh got in gas?” always willing to help!
One day I in de country trying to find a residence, stop by a fella and ask fuh directions “Well I not really from bout here but maybe if yuh round dat corner up there yuh should be pun de right path,” right path? He lost but giving you directions?
De landfill bursting, travel pun highway 2A de smell round De Sandy Lane Gold courses and Arch Hall would cause yuh to faint, decades now we talking bout Mt Stinkeroo and it still stink, I wonder if dat is why we ain’t see nuh big houses yet round de two Sandy lane Golf courses, after all what would be de point of building multi million dollar houses and de place smelling putrid? But ask any Bajan how to solve de problem yuh gine hear bout 101 solutions which government,(note um is always government to solve) can implement. Pass by de said same Bajan house and not a piece getting separate or recycle.So pun dat point I want congratulate Mr Anderson Cherry of Jose y Jose and Recycle Barbados fuh he project recycle and hope dat we Bajans  gine wake up and realize we can’t just dump everything outside we doors and feel dat is alright,cause it is not! I signing up fuh dem to come and collect my separated packages cause I know dat talk is cheap but action is another thing, meantime I gine and mek a call to de call in programme and help solve whatever problem plaguing de country today!
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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