Monday, May 30, 2016

Father's day coming soon

Father’s day round de corner, I got socks dat I ain’t open yet, underwear dat brand new and vests that will tek bout bout three months to go through, I do not need more socks, vests nor underwear and by the way I buy all de aforementioned ones myself.
Ties are no longer part of my daily attire, it is Short Pants I does wuk in, at Short Pants Media in Limegrove, dat is de name of  de parent company of Capital Media HD 99.3
No Market did not get put out to pasture, no I did not cancel de show and yes Market Vendor can still be heard at prime time daily, mornings and evenings, 7.25 A.M.and 4.35
P.M. pun Capital Media HD 99.3,answers to frequently asked questions!
And for de record Vic Fernandes back pun radio full time 6.A.M. to 10 A.M. daily pun de same radio station. Now back to Father’s day, I believe dat I is a big man and as a big man I should be able to decide what exactly I want fuh father’s day. If I can’t decide dat now, when I gine be able to?
De ManUp show coming off shortly and everybody who got a father or want to be a  father, hould visit ManUp, it is a show organized by men for men and will give plenty ideas bout what to get yuh father.
Me? I done decide wha I want, bring me a Harley Davidson motor bike, I willing to buy de accessories, helmet and so on fuh muself, no lotta long talk, a big bike fuh a big man, next year you could treat muh to a new or previously owned SUV like a Range Rover, nothing over three years though!
And if yuh father still around, even though he might be miserable as hell sometimes and drive yuh batty on other occasions,at the end he is 50% of the reason you in dis world, so pay yuh father a lil respect and show some love.
We might not always show emotion but we got them, we got needs and wants and love is one of them. When yuh feel love from yuh children, nothing does compare.
Evrybody pun de planet like to feel appreciated, like to feel dat dem is loved, fathers are no different.So mek de effort, get the miserable old brute something he could really use, some tools or something useful fuh a change, put some thought into de idea so he can feel de love. Don’t mind when dem tell you it ain’t so, men like to be pampered like de rest of humanity so pedicure and manicure and facial and a good rub down massage can also be something special. Not only sports personalities got aching backs dat need massaging!
CPL, Caribbean Premier League coming up soon, get de man a season pass fuh de 3 Ws Oval and he gine love yuh fuh life, even if yuh not a cricket fan, seeing dem games gine fire yuh up, and we know dat we gine be cheering fuh de Tridents cricket team.
If he got a lil motor car, a valet service can be a nice way to say thank you dad, fuh all yuh have gone.
We does get some hard knocks as fathers, sometimes it justified but a lot of we don’t deserve de type of hard knocks we does face and in fact deserve a lot more credit fuh de role we does play, sometimes as a provider, other times protector, advisor, counselor and at times we does got to be de bad cop, de one to say no but always wid de best intentions, always wid de hope dat wha we pass on gine help to mek de next generation bigger and better than we!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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