Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I Pulling Out

I went to a glorious cricket match on Friday night thanks to my friends at ICBL, Insurance Corporation of Barbados and what a match it was, de boys in maroon were clinical in demolishing de South Africans, the result was unlikely when de West Indies did tottering pun 21 fuh 4,who would have thought dem coulda get up to nearly 300 runs?
And de bowling was spot on, Gabriel sending down some missles,beating batsmen fuh sheer speed and accuracy too and den my boy Sunil Narine, mesmerizing de fellas who could hardly read he bowling, it was a night to be treasured and savoured.
Suffice to say de West Indies put in everything, there was no pulling out, Darren Bravo delivered an awesome innings and Pollard help to rebuild de innings.Well done West Indies, never mind yuh come up as de bridesmaid in de finals.
Ah wish ah could say de same bout Britain but never in my wildest dream did I believe dat Britain who wanted we to federate in de 60s could come in 2016 and pull out!
Somehow I figure dat just like Scotland de Brits would stay in, occupy de crease and and remain in position.
Despite all de arguments bout dis and dat issue it did seem to me to come down to one or two things in particular, de free access to Britain from other E.U. citizens forgetting dat a couple million Brits does live in E.U.countries too and of course de other big issue did seem to be bout sovereignty! But never ever did I fuh one moment think dat dem did gine pull out, de Brits smarter than dat, dem wouldn’t fall fuh a fella like Donald Trump, a fella dat even look like he name Boris Johnson but wuh loss Miss Parris dog got pups, exactly what ah thought couldn’t happen, happen!
Now I hearing a lotta long talk bout people having regrets, bout dem didn’t realize de extent of de negatives in pulling out, wait, wunnah ignorant or what? How yuh mean wunnah didn’t know, wunnah wasn’t listening to de arguments?
All of a sudden de government in a tailspin, Cameron gine through de eddoes, he job gone, de pound melting faster that a snowcone in de midday sun and all kinds a consequences coming to de fore and some people signing a petition, wanting to have a review or another referendum? Dem mekking mock sport or wha?
Old people got some sayings, yuh mek yuh bed yuh gine lay pun it and we should always be careful what we wish for less we get it!
Who woulda think just last year Cameron get sweep back into power, he large and in charge but he open a pandora’s box and um blow up in he face,now he got to start packing he bags and clear out of Number 10 Downing street.Of course dat woulda never happen bout dese parts, nuh Caribbean leader did gine give up he secure job just because of de results of a referendum, I don’t believe it!
So wunnah wanted back wunnah country and wunnah gine get it back, de Europeans want wunnah to hurry up and hit de exit button, dem want wunnah gone, no dilly dallying, activate de relevant article and get things in motion to withdraw.
I always believe dat when yuh enter yuh should occupy, when yuh in, stay in, do yuh thing, mek sure everybody sharing in de sweetness cause pulling out does leave a sense of being unfulfilled, if de going hard, hold yuh place but yuh don’t give up and yuh certainly don’t pull out.
Check round de world and see wha does happen when yuh pull out, prematurely!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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