Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Want Some Charlie?

There is something special bout Friday nights, hanging out wid friends, chilling wid lil food, shooting de breeze, a drink or two, some jokes to exercise de facial muscles,last Friday night was special, friends from Trinidad and Tobago were in town and some other long time friends just back from a long trip in Europe, they had to have some good stories, they did not disappoint and all I can tell wunnah is dat de madam and I cannot wait to get to Prague and to visit a particular Thai massage salon! De experience is bound to be memorable wid an ending wid a twist! Thanks fuh de laughter ! my TnT friends Glen and Cherry Cheong brought me uptodate on de happenings in TnT, no more stories bout Hilda de housekeeper, I used to look forward to hearing bout Hilda, I gine miss Hilda now she gone! De Trinis wanted to go to Oistins and so we went by my favourite couple, George and Cynthia and our favourite server, Kishan, lobster, Mahi Mahi, shrimp, sword fish grilled to perfection, de best in de world, supported by grilled potatoes, salad and George’s secret sauce, washed down wid Mr Cozier’s best brew! It been awhile since I went by Oistins pun a friday night but Uncle George still got de place rocking, every seat ram off, visitors by de hundreds, music pumping, energy high and though crowded everyone pun de best behavour. Chilling after wid a Deputy, a brethren pass by and in a pseudo American accent asked if I wanted some Charlie, de only thing de Vendor want dat name Charlie would be a Charles chocolate but tonight not even chocolate fuh me, de brethren then explain it wasn’t chocolate he selling, so I work out it must be herb, dat was now a new name fuh me,”I don’t smoke” I tell he but then de explain Charlie is not something yuh smoke! Charlie? What de hell is Charlie? Charlie I then found out was cocaine, I declined and de brethren left, somewhat upset, while hurling some abuse and hitting me wid brassbowls! Poor me, Charlie, is de first time I get offered drugs ever! What de jail is dis!
De next day was my beloved daughter Rebecca’s birthday, Sunday father day and Monday my beautiful first born’s birthday, how blessed can I be!
But sometimes wid de blessings does come showers, deep in sleep, my first off day fuh a week, don’t have to get up at 4 A.M. but round 4.30 de neighbours started what could only be a foreday morning fete by their pool, bass thumping, jumping me outa muh sleep, at first it sounded like somebody drilling de front door! No amount of shouting, getting dressed and going to their gate and hollering, climbing de wall between us at 4.45 A.M. and begging fuh mercy, worked!
Calling de police and appealing fuh help didn’t work either, de music finally ended close to 8.A.M. Right now I thinking bout buying a bull horn and some mega speakers to return de favour one night bout 2.A.M. when everybody asleep next door! How could anyone in a neighbourhood think it is ok to start a party at 4.30 a.m and why is it dat successive governments don’t pay Carl Moore no mind wid he request mek Bubbadus a quieter place?
And isn’t it nice to live so close to such considerate people? All now I writing dis article, I feel like maybe I should look fuh de fella and consider de offer of de Charlie after all!

I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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